Korea Live

monday 8 july - friday 12 july 

Korean Cultural Festival

Five days of celebration of Korean culture

korea live art fair exhibition - ateliers workshops - spectacles - concerts - music - dance & street promenades


The large geographical distance between Korea and France has, over the centuries, resulted in considerable historical and cultural differences. In order to satisfy the French curiosity about Korea and its culture, the Korean Culture Association organizes each year the KOREA LIVE festival. Started in 2014, the KOREA LIVE festival is launching its 6th edition this year in Rouen, capital of Normandy with the support of the Rouen City Council, the Rouen Tourist Office, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea and the Korean Cultural Center in Paris.

During 5 days, the festival will allow visitors to observe many significant aspects of Korean culture and to discover in the exhibitions, shows and participation in workshops a new and unique cultural experience.

All events and exhibitions are free to enter

South Korea

South Korea is often called The Country of Morning Calm. With good reason And yet at the same time  it is in perpetual motion. You will find an ancestral art of living that coexists serenely with unbridled modernism.
Who among you has never heard of Samsung Galaxy phones, car manufacturer Kia and its 7-year manufacturer's warranty, LG TVs, BB cream, the famous dance of Gangnam Style and lately the K -pop?
Other aspects of Korean culture, such as hangeu, (Korean alphabet), hansik (Korean food), hanbok (traditional Korean clothing), hanok (traditional Korean houses), hanji (traditional Korean paper), as well as hansori (traditional music),   In Korea, the these  six cultures are collectively referred to as “Han Style”. 

Where to see the events

There will be shows in the streets and squares - details on this page - and exhibitions, shows and workshops on two sites

Site 1

Halle aux Toiles 
Place de la Basse Vieille Tour
76000 Rouen

Halle du rez-de-chaussée 
KLAF Korea Live Art Fair
Salle des Fêtes
Concerts & Spectacles 
Galerie 1er Etage

Site 2

Atelier Claude Monet 
Office de Tourisme 
25 place de la Cathédrale
76000 Rouen

Salle du 1er étage
Concerts and demonstrations