Ateliers & Demonstrations

During these workshops, the artists will be able to exhibit their works and invite  the public to participate and learn about the discipline.

Exhibitions and demonstrations of traditional Korean art & crafts

Halle aux Toiles every day 11h00 - 19H00

Exhibitions with demonstrations of Korean traditional crafts.
An opportunity to see these artisans work and participate in workshops.


Korean calligraphy, also known as Seoye, is the Korean tradition of artistic writing. It is composed of points and features. Less rich than others, it offers us lighter, more airy spaces. Through the ink and its brush, we discover the harmony between figure and ground

Artist : Lee Jong-sun
Wednesday 9 July at 17h

Korean Painting

Korean painting manifests itself in the most diverse forms  including ancient murals, preserved in the tombs of the Koguryo Kingdom, the intensely colored Buddhist banners, the caligraphic ink paintings, the decorative screens,  as well as  painting as it is practiced in contemporary art.

Artist : Son Cha-yong
Wednesday 10 July at 16h

Peinture décorative  Min-hwa

Min-hwa is a decorative painting style. It represents the daily life of the Korean people and developed in the 15th century during the Choson dynasty. Most Min-hwa painters are unknown painters or vagabonds and there are several currents and different genres. Unlike the traditional painting the painting Min-hwa focuses on the elegance and refinement of description .

Artist : Kim Eun-Mi
Thursday 11 July à 14h

Création de Pinceaux Traditionnels

Among the instruments created by Man, there is one that stands out from the others as a symbol of arts and expression: it is the brush. It allows artists to communicate, to express their dreams and thoughts. The Korean brushes in goat hair, squirrel, marten or horse hair with a bamboo handle are used for painting and calligraphy.

Artist : Kwak Jong-Min
Thursday 11 july à 17h

Origami Hanbok

Hanbok is a Korean traditional clothing. The name literally means "Korean clothing". It is characterized by bright colors and simple lines. Nowadays, it is worn only for special occasions: wedding, new year, and festivals.

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